Q & A with Typographer, Chank Diesel

Chank Diesel Coming to Green Bay May 28

Q: What should people expect to learn at the upcoming Ad Club event at Titletown Brewery?

CHANK: People should expect a better understanding of where fonts come from and why new fonts are still being made all the time. They also learn a bit about broader typography, and why different fonts are chosen based upon how they will be used. And hear how an individual creative person working from home can create designs that are useful and compelling to large clients and audiences all over the world.

Q: Do you have a favorite letter and why?

CHANK: My favorite letter changes from time to time, but lately my favorite has been the capital A. I like the diagonals and how they makes a nice little roof for itself, with two feet planted firmly on the ground. I like all the vowels best, mostly; but the A is my fave as of today.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to designers who are just graduating and entering the job market, what would it be?

CHANK: My advice to emerging designers is to find one unique, niche, kind of skill, in an area that you enjoy and focus on that. Nurture your learning on a subject that naturally interests you. Become an expert in some specific design field, so you have something that sets you apart from all the other designers out there.

I MAKE FONTS graphic from Chank DieselChank began designing typefaces when he was a Creative Director for the alternative music magazine CAKE. During this time, he road-tripped back and forth across the country visiting designers at various record companies and earning himself the nickname “The Traveling Font Salesman” Chank established his type foundry, Chank Fonts, in 1996, which he operates from his home office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He creates primarily display typefaces; typefaces with more personality than what would usually be suitable for large bodies of text. Chank constructs custom fonts for corporations wanting exclusive rights to custom designed fonts, leading to his fonts’ use on Taco Bell wrappers, Honeycomb cereal boxes, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream cartons, Tanqueray billboards, bottles of Ocean Spray cranberry drink, and movie posters for James and the Giant Peach.

A Handpicked Selection from Chank Diesel’s Recent Portfolio…

Vintage Indian Font by Chank Diesel Help Him Change font by Chank Diesel Liquor Store font by Chank Diesel Catching Fire Font Up Next font from Chank Diesel

Sign up now to see Chank Diesel at Titletown Brewery, May 28 at 6pm. This will be our last event of the season!

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