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Over the past few months, a team of three students from UW–Stevens Point joined forces to take on the Fox River Ad Club’s first annual Design Challenge. The purpose of Design Challenge was to use design to assist the efforts of a local non-profit. This year’s beneficiary was Peace and Love for Alex, a local 501(c)3 which was founded by friends and family of Alex Sprangers, a bright, vibrant, free-spirited young man who lost a 7 month battle with cancer in April of 2012.

Peace and Love for Alex provides financial support to those who are currently battling cancer and raises money for cancer research. They also fund a special college scholarship program for graduates from Kaukauna High School, Alex’s alma mater. There is no question that this organization has done great things in our community and was very deserving of a little support.

The students’ assignment was to assist this organization with a branding effort, resulting in a redesigned logo as well as a professional-looking letterhead, business cards and website design. The students chose a consistent color palette and typography to carry throughout all designs, establishing a brand that is both cohesive and recognizable.

Meet Our Student Designers…

Angela says...Joining me today are Alexis, Emily and Kris, the three students who stepped up our Design Challenge. They have used their design talents to elevate a local nonprofit, Peace and Love for Alex.

Tell me, what interested you guys about this challenge? What convinced you to get involved?

Alexis says I thought it would be a great experience to meet professionals and get their opinion on our work as well as learn about networking ourselves during and after college!

Emily says The Design Challenge seemed like a great opportunity to use our talents to help rebrand an organization with a great cause, and also expand our portfolios as well.

Kris says For me I wanted to try something new and I never did anything like this before and when I heard we could compete as a team it really made me happy because not only could I be doing something that I like but also working with friends for a common goal.

Angela says...I am so glad to hear that you benefited from this challenge as well. That means it was a win win for all involved. How do you feel this experience has made you a stronger designer?

Alexis says As I said before, just hearing what the professionals think of our work gave me great insight, as well as working with others and building my portfolio!

Emily says The three of us collaborated very well on this project. As we worked, we got input from each other during every step of the design process. It was definitely a group effort, and we designed something that we can all take pride in. Combining our different ideas and getting feedback along the way is something that I will take with me in the future.

Kris says I definitely learned what it is like to create an identity for an organization. I’ve never done anything like this before and it was a fun and exciting new experience.

Angela says...Do any of you have plans to do more pro bono design work in the future?

Alexis says When it crosses my path again, most definitely! It’s great to branch out into the community with our creative talents!

Emily says Definitely. It’s important for people give back to their community, and if I can help out a good cause by doing what I love, then it’s worthwhile.

Kris says I will definitely try to do more of this type of work in the future. It is such a great cause that it would be sad not to.

Angela says...There are certainly a lot of organizations who would be ecstatic to work with talented designers such as yourselves. No doubt you will have lots of opportunities to give back to your community through design in the future. What are you hoping to do after college?

Alexis says I’m hoping to work under a fellow designer in a local or out of state organization or company, and gain some wonderful experience. I’m also interested in the advertisement side of the graphic design community!

Emily says Ideally, I would like to start a career in a design firm and have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. I learned a lot about branding throughout this Design Challenge, and it is something that I’m very interested in and hope to do more with in the future for other organizations and companies.

Kris says For me I would like to become an editor for a magazine. I’m not sure what magazine yet but one of my most favorite magazines would be GameInformer. I love their design work inside the magazine. It’s not just the images and text that make GameInformer such an awesome magazine but the way the editors layout the magazine that makes it look like a beautifully designed piece of art.

Angela says...Thanks again for participating in the first annual Design Challenge hosted by the Fox River Ad Club. You knocked it out of the park! We hope to see you again at future Ad Club events and best of luck to all of you in achieving your career goals.

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