Letter From the Prez

Amy Soquet

For decades, The AAF Fox River Ad Club has united professionals around a shared experience and passion in the name of exchanging ideas and best practices in the advertising industry. It provides members access to a network of thought leaders, the fuel for creativity, greater diversity and the best training for professional development.

Our board is working hard to bring guest speakers from credible advertising agencies to speak at each event to inform our members of their journey in the industry, including obstacles they have had to overcome to get where they are today. Register at AAFFOXRIVER.ORG and tell your friends about our September Season Kick Off Event Thursday, September 17th for a studio tour and exhibit at The Draw, Appleton, WI. The Draw combines workspaces and offices of digital and fine artists, a modern art gallery and a place to collaborate. This is a FREE event open to all advertising professionals to explore what Fox River Ad Club is all about.

Are you a self-motivated, creative individual who enjoys all things advertising? I encourage everyone in the advertising and graphic design community of Northeastern Wisconsin to actively engage and participate in AAF Fox River Ad Club this year. Sign up to become a Member today. Our Ad Club exists for your benefit, it could not be sustained without your support!

Looking ahead… Fox River Ad Club serves as part of AAF District 8 of the midwest, a sponsor of the ADDY Awards. The American Advertising Awards proudly hails the finest creative in the nation. Do you have what it takes to win? Put yourself out there! Submit your work during call for entries this January. To see a list of 2015 National Winners, visit americanadvertisingawards.com.

See you at the Season Kick Off Event!

Amy Soquet
AAF Fox River Ad Club – President

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