Meet Ad Club Vice President, Alison Suski

Alison Suski
Angela says...Hi Alison. Congrats on your new position as Vice President for the AAF Fox River Ad Club. Tell us about your history with the club.

Alison Suski says... I joined the Ad Club in 2012 as a Programs Chair. In that role I helped make arrangements between speaking events and the Addy Awards.

Angela says...What kinds of things will you be working on for the Ad Club this year? 
Alison Suski says...Now, as the Vice President of the Ad Club I get to assist Amy Soquet, our lovely President and learn all that there is to know about the American Advertising Federation. In addition, I’m the Addy Chair and get to work with a committee of creative individuals to bring the best Addy Show to the Fox Valley yet! Get excited!
Angela says...Cool. Yup. Very excited. I know that the Ad Club’s season kickoff event at The Draw last month was a big hit. It really set the tone for a great 2015 – 2016 season.
Alison Suski says... The season kick off was a success as we met a lot of new faces and gained strong interest in the Ad Club.  It was important for us to start the year off with an event to drive membership, but also to create an atmosphere for people to enjoy each other’s company and learn about the great things happening in our community. What better place than The Draw to promote our club and build community engagement?! The Draw‘s had a lot of  buzz this year and for great reason. John Adams efforts are monumental in bringing together a community of artists to one space in order to collaborate, create and heighten the arts in the Fox Valley. Thanks, John!
Angela says...Agreed. Can you give us any predictions about this coming season of Ad Club? What will make this season stand out from the rest? 
Alison Suski says... This year is going to be a year to remember. From engaging speaking events to an awesome Addy Show you won’t want to miss out on the fun festivities. Sign up, register, join! Bring your friends, meet new people, and have fun!





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