Recap of the Rob Jackson Event

Many thanks to all who attended our last event which featured Rob Jackson from Extra Credit Projects. Rob gave a really interesting presentation about simplicity in advertising and shared some examples of his own work. They were so spot on! As a whole, the presentation was a nice charge for my creative batteries.

The Takeaway

The biggest takeaway from this event was demonstrated quite brilliantly with a Ping Pong Ball Analogy. Rob held a large cluster of ping pong balls in his hands. Each ping pong ball represented an element that could be put on a billboard: Catchy Headline, Website, Phone Number, Logo, Photo, Directional Information…

Ping Pong Balls

QUESTION: If you were to toss all of these ping pong balls at someone, how many do you think they would be able to catch?



Rob threw the cluster of ping pong balls at Amy Soquet, our ad club president. She was ready and determined to catch them, but there were just too many ping pong balls coming at her all at once. She was overwhelmed. FAIL!

Next, Rob took a single ping pong ball and tossed it to a participant. They caught it effortlessly.

What does this teach us?

Amy can’t catch. Ha ha! No, just kidding. The lesson here the importance of simplifying. Refine your message/layout to make it easier for your audience to “catch”. Less is more.

Rob Jackson’s Portfolio

Here are just a few examples of billboards from Rob Jackson’s impressive portfolio. These samples were done for a client called Mary Free Bed which is a rehabilitation hospital in Michigan. I apologize in advance for the image quality, but the concepts of the boards are so strong, it almost doesn’t matter. I’m sure you will appreciate their brilliance regardless!

A Rehabilitation Story
OOH - Holidays Happen

And this is probably my favorite holiday board of all time:
Unfortunately, Mary Free Bed was pressured into taking this board down shortly after it went up. Apparently they received a few complaints about it. Ack! BUT I LOVE IT! And tons of other people loved it too.

OOH - Break Free OOH - Spinal Cord Rehab

Coming up next…

Submit your best work from 2015 to our Addy Awards! We’ll be accepting entries throughout December. Deadline for entry is January 8 at 5:00pm.


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