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We graciously thank the volunteer team from Wild Blue who created “Live for the Execution,” the thoughtfully orchestrated theme of the 2015 Addy Awards event. The result of their work was both cohesive and powerful. Today we are interviewing Amy Kucksdorf, one of the event’s lead designers, to learn more about their work on this project.


Angela: Hi Amy. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us about  this project. I loved how it all came together. How did your team arrive on the Deadline theme? It was brilliant. Any backstory to share on that?

Amy: Initially we were asked to create a Call for Entries poster.  When we started our discussions and initial concepts around that project we felt that there was plenty of latitude to put forth a broader idea. Our goal was to find a common thread that all professionals in the industry could connect on.  The team agreed that deadlines and great execution really are the driving force behind any noteworthy creative efforts. A handful of brainstorming sessions with Matt Vanden Boomen (my fellow board member and designer), Jon Stubb (creative director) , and Drew Williams (copy writer) led us in many different directions, but ultimately, we decided on “Live for the Execution”.  This simple oxymoron was too juicy to pass up.  From there, the look and feel of all the work began to take shape rather quickly.

Addy Backdrops

Angela:  Yes, deadlines are definitely a beast we have all fought at one time or another, right? Taking the time to develop a this concept really paid off.

One of the elements I really fell in love with were the backdrops you created for the stage. They really enhanced the environment. Can you tell us more about those? From a production standpoint, they looked very high end.

Amy: Our budget on the project was minimal, so we had to make economical decisions that provided good results.  We used a vinyl treatment mounted to Ultra board. We knew we wanted something ridged enough to look substantial and stand perfectly straight. Originally we wanted to use it as a photo backdrop, however we learned that other board members had secured a photo booth, so we decided against it.  But, during our site visit to the venue we believed the boards would make a great addition to the stage, and the boards were back in the mix.  Our design team enjoyed creating these boards, and finding the imagery.  And, during the last few minutes of the event, I noticed some people taking pictures in front of the boards too!

Podium at the 2015 Addys

Angela:  It was incredibly generous for you and your coworkers at Wild Blue to take the lead not only with the design, but also take charge with production. Has it helped you as a designer to have a production crew in-house? Did that help the success of the end product in any way?

Amy: Yes, it is nice to be able to work closely with everyone involved in the production process. We are able to execute just about anything we can dream up.  Our in-house teams are also able to have pre-production discussions to insure all our printed items run efficiently. We also get the added flexibility of walking down the hall to have a discussion during the production process, or check up on the items as they’re being produced. At the heart of any great result is a skilled project manager, Lacey Scheunemann, who was on top of the details. She made sure everything went from the design department to prepress to finishing smoothly.

Angela:  For sure! Anything else you would like add about this project?

Amy: This was a incredibly rewarding project to work on, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without help from a large number of people at Wild Blue.

Angela: You certainly have a talented, hard-working group. Your contributions went a long way to make this year’s Addy Event both fun and memorable. Make sure to touch base with us again in the future and tell us about all the other cool stuff you are working on.

Wild Blue Technologies
860 O Keefe Rd, De Pere, WI 54115
(920) 983-2911

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