Peace and Love for Alex

Design Challenge a Success

Over the past few months, a team of three students from UW–Stevens Point joined forces to take on the Fox River Ad …

Mob Craft Event

Fox River Ad Club Taps into MobCraft Beer

MobCraft’s unique crowdsourcing strategy engages consumers to visit their website, submit and share their ideas for a beer and they’ll figure out a way to make it. Thank you to Henry Schwartz for coming to the Fox River Ad Club to share his story as well as some tasty brews!

Brandy barrel aged barley wine

A Look Inside MobCraft Brewery

Henry Schwartz of MobCraft Brewery is coming to St. Brendan’s Inn in Green Bay TONIGHT! MobCraft is the world’s first crowdsourced brewery and Schwartz …

A hand letterpressed poster from a visiting artist at The Mill Paper and Book Arts.

Handmade as a Fine Art

We as designers and marketers should strive to include handmade works into our creative process. Handmade works bear the mark of the human touch, causing it to resonate and connect more deeply with our human audiences and breaking the high-stress, plastic perfection and visual same-ness of much of the designed environment we live in today.

North by NorthBest

North by NorthBest Was a Blast!

Fox River Ad Club’s President, Amy Soquet, shares highlights from North by NorthBest District 8 Fall Conference & Development Series.

beauty and imperfection share the same bed

Recap of the Daniel Goscha Event

Everyone in attendance was able to experience first hand the innate ability of letterpress and pulp printing to engage the senses — the smells of the ink, the “song” of the press, the wet pulp made from old blue jeans suspended between our fingers. It was truly a transcending experience.


Humanism & Handmade

Over the next several months, I will be writing a series of articles examining techniques, examples and philosophies of the contemporary, second-wave Arts and Crafts movement and how we as designers, advertisers, artists and consumers can leverage and incorporate its elements and philosophies into our designed environment. In doing so, we can collectively create a more humanistic and less sterile and visually homogenous designed environment. We can create design that resonates and connects with the human condition—resonates with the end user and the consumer on a human level while still being true to our client’s needs of budget and mass production.